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Mt Cass Wind Farm

MainPower announced this week that it has started pre-construction site works for its $200 million Mt Cass Wind Farm project.

Given the scale of this project, the final decision to proceed with the Project, once the Company completes the pre-construction work, will require the approval of the Trust. The Trust expects to be considering its final decision mid 2020 if not a little earlier.

The Trust worked closely with the Company as the business case for the Project was developed and is pleased to support the work the Company is now doing to finalise the procurement of contractors and the funding for the Project and other matters material to the success of the Project.

At the centre of the Trust’s consideration of the Project is what is in the best interests of our qualifying customers who are the Trust’s beneficiaries.

We will provide further updates when we have received and considered the Company’s final recommendation on the Project, once it completes the pre-construction work.